Pecha Kucha Night

10 Speakers  ×  20 Images  ×  20 Seconds

Monday 14 November at 7pm
The Black Box, Belfast

The topic is Bravery.
The speakers are (brave):

  • Adam Turkington
    Seedhead Arts, Culture Night Belfast
  • Bridgeen Barbour
    Co-founder, Estd.
  • Connie Hunter
  • Corrine Heaney
    Charity Comms / Film Producer
  • David J. McMillan
  • Emma Sweeney
    Manager, Extras NI
  • Matthew Dick
    Boundary Brewing
  • Michael Lennox
    Oscar Nominated Director
  • Niamh Scullion
    Eden Project
  • Oscar Wooley
    Co-Founder, Suki Tea
  • Shannon McShane
    Silversmith / Jeweler
Hosted by Atto Partners